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Canyoning, Coasteering & Climbing on Madeira

Our expertise in outdoor activities consists of Madeira Canyoning, Climbing, Coasteering and organising events for Groups and Incentives which all provide unforgettable moments of companionship and adventure - all in harmony with nature.

Madeira Canyoning

Canyoning Madeira
Madeira Island offers exceptional conditions for the practice of canyoning, due to its geological, climatic, hydrological, touristic and natural characteristics. It is considered by canyoning professionals as one of the best regions in Europe.

We offer:
Beginners Canyoning
Intermediate Canyoning
Moderate Canyoning
Advanced Madeira Canyoning
Madeira Canyoning Training Course.

Coasteering on Madeira

Coasteering Madeira
Situated in the eastern part of the Island of Madeira, Ponta de São Lourenço, natural reserve since 1982, presents a unique landscape, very different from the rest of the Island, with stunning rock formations, several endemic plants and the water from the sea are crystal clear, so this spot presents the ideal conditions for the practice of coasteering.

Coasteering in Madeira consists of exploring the maritime coast through walking, swimming, climbing and jumping - with the appropriate equipment and supervision of expert guides. It is an appropriate activity for all ages, since the more afraid up to more adventurous, as it adapts to the profile of each person. We have jumps from 1 meter until 10 meters, all these of course being optional.

Climbing in Madeira

Climbing Madeira
Climbing is an activity that offers an unlimited range of sensations as well as a constant balance between body and mind.

The desire to climb and reach the top is natural mankind. What once was done to satisfy needs and/or challenge ones own very existence is now done to test ones limits and prove to oneself how far one can reach in comparison to others.

This activity can be carried out in various places in Madeira.
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