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Unique Madeira Island Experiences

Sugar Cane Tour

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Children 5 -12 Years Half Price
Sugar cane tour route
The sugar cane, commonly known as “White Gold” is grown here due to our subtropical climate and is the main ingredient in some of our most famous local produce.
Let us tell you it’s story and take you on an unexpected and complete journey, to some of the most stunning points on the south side of the island.

A trip where, through art, colours and flavours, we show the historical and cultural relevance that this product has had on Madeira, therefore in an original way we get to present to you our wonderful island.
Sugar Cane Tour Map

Madeira Wine Tour

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Children 5 -12 Years Half Price
Madeira wine tour route
Madeira wine has travelled a lot, it has gone around the world time and time again, on the way the masses fell in love with its taste and its smell, with some even choosing to use it as a perfume.
Our world-renowned wine, was chosen by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to celebrate the independence of the United States, was celebrated in the works of Shakespeare and so the story goes, was a key factor in Winston Churchill’s frequent visits?
On this trip, we go from grape to glass, travelling through dramatic landscapes, experiencing and tasting some of the finest wines the Island has to offer.
Madeira Wine Tour Map

Atlantic Gardens Tour

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Children 5 -12 Years Half Price
Madeira gardens tour route
Madeira is known as the “Garden of the Atlantic” and on this tour we will show you why. On a journey where it is always spring, we go from the sea to the mountains taking in the sights, colors and aromas that nature has to offer.
We will show you the historical gardens of Funchal and Floriculture, finishing our trip in the mountains and forests of Laurissilva, where each person has an opportunity to plant a tree, contributing to the reforestation and leaving a mark for future generations to enjoy, in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots on the island.
Madeira Gardens Tour Map
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