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Discover Madeira Island away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist routes

Uncover the hidden and unfrequented locations that Madeira Island has to offer.
Let us be your escort on a voyage of inspiring Madeira Tours that will certainly thrill and enchant you.
We also provide Madeira Island excursions, sporting activities, Levada walks and cruises.

Authentic Madeira tours you will not want to miss

Sugar Cane Tour

Madeira Island Sugar Cane Tour
The sugar cane, commonly known as “White Gold” is grown here due to our subtropical climate and is the main ingredient in some of our most famous local produce.
Let us tell you the story of Madeira Sugar Cane and take you on an unexpected and complete journey, to some of the most stunning points on the south of Madeira island.

Madeira Wine Tour

Madeira Wine Tour
Madeira wine has travelled a lot, it has gone around the world time and time again, on the way the masses fell in love with its taste and its smell, with some even choosing to use it as a perfume.
On this Madeira Wine Tour we go from grape to glass, travelling through dramatic landscapes, experiencing and tasting some of the finest wines Madeira has to offer.

Atlantic Garden Tour

Madeira Gardens Tour
Madeira is known as the “Garden of the Atlantic” and on this tour we will show you why.
On a journey where it is always spring, we go from the sea to the mountains taking in the sights, colors and aromas that nature has to offer.

This is the ultimate Madeira Flowers and Gardens Tour.

Adventure Time

Canyoning Madeira

Car Hire/Transfers

Madeira Car Hire

Client reviews about our Madeira Tours

hush-hush madeira

What an amazing find!

Cristine Tailor
Opting for the 'Madeira Wine Tour' we were really blown away by the beauty of the island and the knowledgeable team guiding us.
And it was like no-one else knew such tours even exist. Thank you!
hush hush madeira

Highly Recommended

Tom & Helen Hoight
Having already done a Madeira bus tour of the south coast we were amazed to find a completely new perspective of this paradise island with hush-hush.
Highly recommended for Madeira lovers.
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